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Community page of "Ancient Shadows"

IMPORTANT: this is a version that only shows some functionality, no-sound and very simplified map. It is not the final version.

Welcome to this preview of the game! This is just a demo to show you the basics, the final version will be on ITCH.IO.
It's a taster to show you the interaction between the device and the cards.
The full rulebook is in the works, so please be patient. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this introduction. Thanks for your support!

Don't despair if you find many imperfections in this tutorial, but it will be constantly updated during the campaign and afterwards to make it clearer and more usable for everyone.

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FREEBIE CHAPTER - Discover the game rules
Download the map in PDF from here

The Wise Shaman appears in your dream to warn you of a grave danger: Something terrible is happening and he asks you to hurry to the village of NewCastle. He tells you about a talisman and asks you to find the formula to activate it. You are confused and the whole dream seems to be like that, until you hear screams coming from afar. Screams that echo on the wind and are no longer part of the dream, but are becoming sharper and sharper. You realise the gravity. You take the pyramid stone of the shaman elders and hook it onto your inseparable staff, knowing how much you will need it to activate powerful magic and especially the powerful talisman. So you quickly get ready and set off into the forest....

Clicca per ingrandire

Follow the step-by-step tutorial of this little adventure to find out how to play "Ancient Shadows".


PRESS CTRL + - (minus) and scale at 80% the page for best result.

Twists Table:

1. If there is a monster/demon, you must fight it
2. Remove one DOT on Spells (Abilities Table)
3. Remove one DOT on Apnea (Abilities Table)
4. Remove one DOT on Agility (Abilities Table)
5. Remove one "Essential" from your Alchemic Forge
6. damage-free steps